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Nissabo should be your obvious choice if you run a joinery, furniture or interior design company.
That is due to you placing a value on the foundational principles we uphold:  that you get the right product, with the right quality, at the right time. The right product simply means that you order just what your client needs – dimensions, quantity or quality. And we look after the rest!

Orders / Quotations

To ensure that your order or quotation is dealt with in the most efficient way, please register it here. That sends it directly into our system where it will be picked up and processed at the earliest opportunity. Read more…

Solid Wood Panels

Nissabo is a family company that manufactures and sells solid wood panels to the carpentry and furniture industries. Our products are used for stairways, furniture components, benchtops, shelves, table tops, windows, doors and much more. We handle more than 20 different kinds of timber – a capacity and breadth that is unparalleled in the market. Read more…


We deliver a broad range of birch plywood in thicknesses ranging from 3-30mm. These are mainly used for shelving, drawer sides and bottoms, sofas, flooring, constructions and many other projects requiring strength and stability. Read more…